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Banat folk dancing

Romanian folk dancing, with a varied style, tempo and rythm, is a strong, full of life activity that expresses the traditions of each Romanian region. It also highlights our soul and history. There are plenty of movements in the folk dancing and these are due to each region’s dancing style. Each dancing style brings joy and energy, which are specific to us as a nation. Romanian folk dancing is a rich artistic representation, as it contains both simple and daring dancing elements. Banat region dancing is part of the big family of Romanian national dancing styles and it emphasizes the people’s temper.

Hora is the oldest and the most well-known folk dancing in Romania. We all know that hora is danced by boys and girls who are grouped in a big circle and hold hands. The rythm is a medium one and the steps are quite easy (forward – backward).

The main benefits of learning Romanian folk dancing:
• We will understand more easily Romanians’s traditions;
• It helps children with their bones development;
• It is a therapy both for body and for soul;
• We can release from our negative thoughts;
• We will learn about the past times;
• We will get to know several people;
• We become aware of the dynamics of our body;
• We set ourselves free from inhibitions.