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Timfloralis Festival 

This festival takes place during a weekend in April. This year, there was its fifth edition. Timișoara needs such a festival, as long as it is called ”the city of flowers”. Its name dates back to 1850s when there was a huge flower industry here. Each year, the centre of the city is full of flowers and all sort of parades, exhibitions and musical moments.

Local artists, designers, architects, environmentalists, students and companies work together and combine colours and motifs under various headings.

This year’s heading was ”Floral Happiness”, last year’s heading was ”The future is here”. They even paint the roads and try to bring nature to life in the middle of the city, which is very refreshing. Each year, the programme differs. This year, for example, people could take part in workshops and children were tought how to plant flowers. Singers performed in the evenings in the centre of our city.

The main organizer of the event is the Mayory of Timișoara. In 2018, for instance, 100.000 people visited the exhibition and the artistic events.