Students Projects | Aguilar de Campoo – Spain



The Carnival of La Galleta, is without a doubt the most important Carnival of the province and one of the most in the autonomies community, also has a great impact at the national level.

In 2020 he celebrated his 32nd edition, his program contained numerous activities from Friday to Tuesday of Carnival day when the Cookie is buried.

One of the most participating parties at the neighborhood level and with the number of visitors.
The pregón, the contests, the parades, the performances….are part of the program where you will find activities for all audiences.

Carnaval de la Galleta 2020 (from 21th to 25th of February).


Farmers celebration in which the agricultural collective of the municipality of Aguilar participates celebrating activities to commemorate the feast of its saint.

San Isidro (15th of May).


Patronal festivities of the Villa de Aguilar de Campoo.

They are celebrated from 23 to 29 June. For this festival is developed a program with a variety of performances and activities, concerts, verbenas, fireworks, livestock events, sports championships, theater, floral games, children’s activities, Macro Discos, ….To fulfill all this festive offer, the main festivities are extended to the weekend before or after the dates indicated.



San Juan’s bonfire in Aguilar.


The pilgrimage that has been held since time immemorial, the document already mentioned from the year 1639 collects it, is the one that takes place on the day of the feast of the Brotherhood, that while it existed the ancient hermitage was always celebrated on September 8, which was festive in Aguilar, which proves the roots that this festival had in the village. From the transfer to the new hermitage is celebrated every year on the Sunday of September closest to the 8th September.

There is another feast, although of a minor character, which is the ascent to the hermitage to return the image after the ninth of Pentecost.

To celebrate the festival, in its most important aspects, has not changed substantially and the main act revolves around the solemn Mass, which in the new hermitage and if time allows, is celebrated outdoors. In the time of the old hermitage the «strong dish» was the sermon and for this the Brotherhood sought to seek a preacher (sacred speaker, it was said then) that exceeded that of the previous year. After Mass the brotherhoods gathered in the chapter room of the hermitage to celebrate the annual assembly and concluded it, while the mothers of the family extended the tablecloths over the meadow and prepared the tortillas, the breaded steaks and also the crabs of the Pisuerga, the men took the opportunity to transfer some whites into a beach bar mounted for this purpose.

Things haven’t changed much, except for the day of the celebration that, as we said, has happened to Sunday closest to September 8. From the early hours of the morning begins the parade of people, almost no one walks even though the hermitage is halfway from what was different from the previous one, to choose the best barbecue and the best place of the pine forest.

At one in the afternoon the solemn Mass takes place, of campaign if time allows, during it proceeds to the solemn admission of the new brotherhoods and at the end of it the Brotherhood offers a sweet wine with biscuits, product especially typical of Aguilar, to those who want to approach to taste it.
The good and healthy tradition of taking whites before eating is preserved, the brotherhoods gather in sorority food, summoned by the bell of the hermitage, and families and groups of friends gather in groups for food, which lasts in lively and long table.

The events continue with the celebration of the last day of the ninth, procession along the beach of Aguilar, where the volunteers of Red Cross and Civil Protection make an offering to our Lady and finish the religious acts with the canticle of the salve in the square of the hermitage.

At the end of the religious festival begins the dance that lasts until ten and a half or eleven o’clock at night, when the festival is concluded and we all say goodbye with the illusion and hope of seeing us again in the same place the following year.